VY MEDIA's  premier Music Monitoring service MusicTopTR includes in-depth analysis of the music usage on leading radio & TV stations nationwide.  Key industry players are accessing Turkey’s official music charts, market share data, radio & TV playlists and more


As a result, MusicTopTR  is widely recognized by leading Artists, music labels, radio stations, TV stations, artist’s managers, publishing companies and more as a superior tracking service.





MusicTopTR services include;


- Title reports and analysis by station, station    group, region, country and territory.

- Over 6,000 daily airplay charts by plays    and by estimated audience across stations, station groups, regions, countries and territories.

- Emailed alerts for plays of specific tracks.

- Full stations logs.

- Extensive comparative charts and graphs.

- Historical data and analytics going back to year 2005




- Music market share data by Label / Company

- Historical Turkish vs. International market share reporting

- One click reporting for Major Labels

- Ease of use







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